Themed Photoshoots at Generations Photography

Beautiful portraits of your child with stunning props and backdrops in my Themed Photoshoots

I offer a range of beautiful Themed Photoshoots for your child at my family friend studio.

Themed Photoshoots provide a interactive , fun and memorable experience for your child, where they will experience unique hands on props and get to explore beautiful imaginative environments. 

If you're looking for a unique gift all the Themed Photoshoots can be given in in Gift Voucher Format. So if grandparents, aunties, uncles or even friends are asking for Birthday or Christmas present ideas, a Themed Photoshoot would be the perfect gift for making memories. 

I offer so many beautiful Themed Photoshoots to choose from:

Easter Photoshoot

Let me capture the magic of Easter for your child. You won’t be disappointed with the beautiful memories I will create. This Photoshoot focuses on all the beauty of Spring with all the cute animals to hold and beautiful flowers. I have so many beautiful stunning props which I will use to complement your child (a large floral arch, a nest, wooden step and wooden bicycle). 


Fairy and Pixie Photoshoot

This is a truly magical experience for your child, they will love my gorgeous sets, props and of course choosing their outfit. I transform my studio into an enchanted woodland forest, with a beautiful bridge and stunning pond, surrounded by animals and toadstools. This is a wonderful photoshoot for both girls and boys. 

Princess Photoshoot

Most little girls dream of being a princess, let me make this dream into a reality. This is a wonderful experience for your child, they will love my princess props, standing outside the princess castle, sitting in the forest with the animals and taking a seat inside the princess ballroom inside the castle. I have a range of beautiful dresses to bring out their inner princess. 

Witch and Wizard Photoshoot

If you want a truly magical and unique experience for your child then look no further. They will love the backdrops and interactive props. First they go to the train station to make their way to wizard school, and then they head into the magical forest surrounded by creatures where they will cast spells and mix the potion pot. 


Superhero Photoshoot

There's nothing better than seeing the excitement on your child's face when they dress up as their favourite superhero. They get to visit Superhero City and ride the supercar, and choose their weapon . They will love the backdrop, props and of course choosing their costume.

Halloween Photoshoot

This year your children will be able to sit amongst all the different sized pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. As always there will be unique hands on props for your children, and a cupboard of spooky costumes to choose from too. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, I even had a Halloween Themed Wedding! I change my Halloween set each year to provide you with a different photos every year, your children might be in the haunted house, graveyard or spooky forest.

Christmas Photoshoot
Want something a little different & completely magical? Then my Christmas Photoshoot is perfect for you. There is something purely magical about transforming the studio into a Christmas wonderland, with realistic backdrops and unique props, this is certainly a photoshoot you will not want to miss. Every year I have two new beautiful sets to spread the magic and love of Christmas.


Valentines Photoshoot

Let me capture your adorable little ones surrounded by love, you will cherish these beautiful photos forever. This Photoshoot focuses on all the beauty of love with roses, hearts, and lots of red. I have so many beautiful stunning props which I will use to complement your little one.

Why Book a Themed Photoshoot with Generations Photography?

​These photoshoots are so much fun as they involve hands on themed props to engage and entertain your children. It's a great way to capture happiness, fun, creativity and imagination. ​All set up's have been designed by me and are unique to my studio. I spend lots of time coming up with my designs and finding unique props to bring the photos alive. It's lovely to see each child's reaction and see their imagination come to life when they explore the different props. 

All my Themed Photoshoots take place in my family friendly home studio near Norwich and Great Yarmouth.


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