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At around 18 months old your little one will begin to use objects and pretend to use them in their play. This will be based on what they have seen you do in the home. As they get older at about 4 years, your child will be able to use their imagination to create things they have not directly encountered. A great way to enhance your children's imagination is with one of my Themed Fantasy Photoshoots.

I love seeing children’s imagination in action during my Themed Fantasy Photoshoots in the Generations Photography Studio. Its wonderful when they share their ideas, stories and act out a character. They often involve in me their play as well, I’m often turned into a frog or have magical spells cast on me.

I offer a range of different Themed Fantasy Photoshoots at my Norfolk photography studio. These photoshoots are aimed at children aged 2-8 years.

I offer the following themes:

-Princess Themed Fantasy Photoshoot

-Fairy Themed Fantasy Photoshoot

-Pixie Themed Fantasy Photoshoot

These photoshoots provide a truly unique experience for your child, they will love my gorgeous sets, props and of course choosing beautiful outfits. 

I transform my studio into different stunning locations; be it the woodland forest, the princess castle, or on the deck of a pirate ship. These photoshoots are wonderful for capturing your child’s personality and imagination when they are transported to a magical fantasy world, full of unique props to explore. 

One of my own passions is the fantasy genre, so I have spent a lot of time on designing my themed photoshoot set up’s, getting unique props and beautiful outfits. My aim is for the children to have as much a fun as possible, but at the same time provide them with opportunities to use their imagination and be creative.

Imaginary Play is also an easy activity to do at home with your children as well. I will provide you with some ideas below:-

Setting up Imaginative Play Opportunities at Home

There are a few examples below of imaginative play ideas you can offer your children at home:

· Creating a Home Corner

Domestic play is always popular with children as they love to copy what they see their parents doing. If you already have a toy kitchen you could use this as the base of your home corner and expand it from there e.g. provide food packets, provide plastic cutlery and plates. If you do not have a toy kitchen, get a table cloth and cover the table to set up the home area on there.

· Create a Themed Role Play Area

Base this on toys/resources you already have home. Some ideas you could try are: vets, garden centre, florist, doctors, dentist, bakery.

Hairdresser-provide the following: apron, curlers, comb, brushes, mirror, empty shampoo bottles, toy scissors.

Petrol Station-provide the following: till, pretend money, signs, sponges, water in a bucket, make a pump out of a cupboard box with a tube or hose pipe hanging out of a hole.

· Create Small World Play Opportunities

Here you provide small figures and objects so that your children can create stories with them. Examples include:-

-Jungle animals or dinosaurs-add leaves / logs / branches and put them all in a tray

-Farm animals add straw / boxes

-Trains / cars-draw a road or track with chalk

Benefits of Imaginative Play

The main benefit to this type of play is supporting children’s emotional and social development, as it promotes various aspects of this.


When children pretend they can say, express and act in whatever way they choose to.

>Exploring feelings

Children often take on the roles of others, which lets them explore new feelings.

>Provides them with choice

In imaginary play children get to choose how to act and behave, and what direction to take the play.

>Promoting thinking skills

The children have lots of different props to explore and experiment with

>Developing language

Imaginary play opportunities encourage children to talk and communicate, especially if engaging in it with a sibling or friend.

I am always considering what new types of themed fantasy photoshoots I could offer in the studio, if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

Written by G.Hampton 25/06/2020

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