Paint Splash Photoshoots at Generations Photography perfect for little ones who love getting messy!

Updated: Jan 9

I’m always eager to come up with new and creative photoshoot ideas to offer at Generations Photography and during lockdown I’ve had lots of thinking time! The thing about coming up with a new photoshoot idea is the question of whether the idea actually works in practice, this is where model calls come in.

A model call is a discounted photoshoot, where images are used to test out and promote a new type of photoshoot. When I am after models I advertised this on my Facebook Page, so make sure you like my page, so you do not miss out.

Lovely Maiva, is a Generations Photography regular and visited the studio to test out my new Paint Splash Photoshoot. Maiva is a typical 2 year old toddler into everything in the studio and keen to run around and be active, but I like a challenge!

What does a Paint Splash Photoshoot involve?

Firstly I take some lovely portrait photos of your child, in a special outfit with some birthday props. I do have some outfits in the studio, but your welcome to bring your own. Maiva is wearing one of her own beautiful floral dresses. Maiva enjoyed exploring the balloons and opening the birthday present boxes.

Then we move into the messy room, where the real fun begins. Your child will be given some dungarees to wear. However your welcome to bring your own outfit for them to wear, but it is likely to get covered in paint!

The first part of the paint smash photoshoot involves a table with lots of brushes and paint to explore, along with a canvas to decorate in the way your child chooses to. Maiva got stuck straight into this part of the photoshoot and did not hesitate to grab a paint brush. She enjoyed mixing all the colours together on the palette. Her first canvas was mainly purple.

Once Maiva had finished her painting, I set up the next part of the photoshoot, which is an easel on the floor with a larger canvas to decorate this time. Maiva used paint brushes, along with painting her hands and doing some finger painting.

Lastly is the messiest part of the paint splash photoshoot, I fill up a large black tray full of paint for your child to explore with their hands. Maiva loved this part of the photoshoot the most. She put both her hands in the tray and instantly mixed all of the different paint together. She enjoyed walking around the tray with her paint covered hands and even decorated the backdrop with a handprint.

The last part of the photoshoot is a splash in the bath to get nice and clean, with ducks. I get the #bubbles out to get some final smiles. Maiva enjoyed having a bath as she got to hold onto the ducks, which are one of her favourite things. It was then her Mum’s job to blow the bubbles.

Why book a Paint Splash Photoshoot?

Children love the chance to be creative and have fun (to be fair so do I!) this new paint splash photoshoot at Generations Photography lets them do both! They get the chance to create their own unique artwork: including decorating two different sized canvas's which you can take home and you're little one getting super messy with paint.

This photoshoot is a great way to celebrate a special occasion like a 2nd or 3rd birthday, or is the perfect opportunity to capture some unique portraits of your child, doing something they enjoy.

At this age your child is full of confidence and their personality shines through, so this is the perfect chance to capture a variety of cute, funny and memorable images to last a lifetime. The photoshoot allows you to sit back and watch the excitement on your child’s face as they have fun with splashing, splattering and smudging the paint. This is a hands-on photoshoot which will be enjoyable for your child from the start as they get to take the lead and explore in the way they want to. 

How does a Paint Splash Photoshoot support my child’s learning and development?

It develops and strengthens their physical development, as they will be using their hands and fingers to make marks with the paint. Mark making with paint helps your child to practice their pre-writing skills which help them to get ready for school. Also this type of photoshoot let’s your child be fully creative, as the photoshoot is led by them and they are able to explore and discover for themselves.

So if you have a young budding artist who loves getting messy then my Paint Splash Photoshoot would be perfect! 

Paint Splash Photoshoots take place in the Generations Studio near Norwich and Great Yarmouth. This photoshoot is for children aged 2-3 years. It is up to 1.5 hours in the studio and is for 1 child. 

Written by G.Hampton 01/07/2020

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