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Updated: Jan 9

If your looking for wonderful picturesque walks in Norfolk look no further. In this Blog I will share another stunning outdoor location, this time its Holt Country Park.

Holt Country Park | Norfolk Photographer | Norwich Photographer | Generations Photography
The world from above

When I'm not behind the camera in the Generation’s Photography Studio as a children's and family portrait photographer, I love to be outdoors. I am blessed to live in Norfolk, as there are so many beautiful natural spots and there are so many I have yet to explore.

Before opening Generations Photography near Norwich to specialise in maternity, newborn, children and family photography, I started off my photography journey with nature and landscape photos and this hobby has continued to grow.

I have fond memories of Holt Country Park from childhood, as Mum, Dad and me would take our little dog Lucy a West Highland White Terrier there regularly for a walk, and I remember it being a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year.

My most recent visit was during autumn and the colours created a truly enchanted and magical forest. There were so many wonderful photo opportunities to capture nature in its true splendour. This is a great place to visit with 100 acres of woodland to explore for adults, children and dogs. There are a variety of trails of different lengths so you can go at a pace to suit you. It's such a large space that we spent most of our walk without seeing anyone else. Our walk was pure tranquility surrounded by peacefulness, nature and wildlife.

We started off walking through the Sensory Garden which had lots of sculptures and carvings, I even loved these as an adult, though I am a large child at heart! My favourite was the bear's and there's even one of the GoGoHare's to see.

Holt Country Park | Norfolk Photographer | Norwich Photographer | Generations Photography
If you go down to the woods today...

As well as all the walks to explore, there's an excellent play area to keep the children entertained and its great to get them to burn off some energy. It was clear that the children here were having lots of fun.

We then headed to the Pond, which looked wonderful in the autumn sunlight. The full colours of autumn could be seen here with the pond surrounded by a high trees with vibrant coloured leaves. We sat on the bench to take in the beautiful surroundings in front of us, it was pure bliss in the silence.

Holt Country Park | Norfolk Photographer | Norwich Photographer | Generations Photography
Quiet Reflection

The historic Arch provided a beautiful photo opportunity, along with Thor's Causeway and the Carved Men. It's one of those places that there's always something to see and in my case photograph.

Holt Country Park | Norfolk Photographer | Norwich Photographer | Generations Photography
The gateway to the unknown
Holt Country Park | Norfolk Photographer | Norwich Photographer | Generations Photography
Thor's Causeway

What's even more special is that it's not just woodland habit to see here, if you go to the edge of trails you end up in heathland with lots of gorse, if you're lucky you might even see the ponies grazing out on here. I didn't see them on this occasion but there were lots of indicators that they had been around!

We ended our walk at the Viking Long House, when you go inside make sure to look up to see the special surprises hanging up in the roof.

Holt Country Park | Norfolk Photographer | Norwich Photographer | Generations Photography
Nobody's Home

Car Parking was extremely reasonable, being only £2 for the whole day. In Summer you could certainly make a whole day of it, taking a picnic with you or getting something tasty from the the tearoom on site.

As we enter lockdown again, getting outside for daily exercise is more important than ever so if you live close to Holt Country Park, I fully recommend it. If your live further away be sure to add it to your to 'visit list' for when we come out of lockdown.

The address is Holt Country Park, Edgefield Hill, Holt, NR25 6SP

You can find out more about what Holt Country Park has to offer here: https://www.north-norfolk.gov.uk/tasks/your-community/find-out-about-holt-country-park/

For more inspiration on other beautiful locations to visit near Holt Country Park head to:

Explore Norfolk https://www.explorenorfolkuk.co.uk/holt-norfolk.html

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I hope this blog has given you inspiration for somewhere new to visit, if you haven’t been before. I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit, in Norfolk and Suffolk so feel free to share your favourite places below. If you love being outdoors and want another beautiful place to visit, head over to my Blog on Holkham Hall.

I regularly post my landscape and outdoor photographs on my social media platforms, so if you would like to see more head over to those.

Written by G.Hampton 05/01/2021 Copyright © 2021 by Generations Photography

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