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Why should I make a Time Capsule?

As we all go through this significant historical event of Covid-19, it’s important to think about how you can capture this unprecedented time with your children. You might have seen lots of social media posts recently with statements you can post and re-share as your status so that in the future they will come back as memories, which is a great thing to do. This got me thinking about what else you can do especially with your children, so the idea is a Time Capsule came to mind.

There are lots of benefits to doing this activity with your child. You can link it to history and explain the importance of finding artefacts from the past in the future, and by doing this they will be making and recording their own history. You can use the activities to get your chid to talk to you about their feelings and then record these feelings and have a different way to express themselves. It provides your child with different tasks to do to keep them entertained when they are in inside.

I was going to devise my own Time Capsule booklet for your children to complete, however someone beat me to do and its brilliant, so why reinvent the wheel!

Covid-19 Time Capsule Booklet
Covid-19 Time Capsule Booklet

These templates were made and designed by Natalie Long with Long Creations. Visit her Facebook page to find more of her work and give her page a like!

You can download the PDF workbook here:-

The contents of the workbook are:

-All About Me

-How I’m Feeling

-Your Community

-What your are doing to keep busy


-Special occasions

-Letter to yourself

-Interview those in your home

-A letter from the parent

Encourage your children to take their own photos to add to the Time Capsule tasks in the workbook, this will help to get them more engaged, if they can personalise it. Remember smart phones have brilliant cameras on then, so there is no need to worry if you do not have a camera for your children to use. There are lots of online printing services who offer free prints such as and

What to include in a Time Capsule Box?

One your children have completed the Time Capsule Booklet, it could then be added into a Time Capsule Box with a range of other items. Include some of the significant things from this time period, things of importance to you or things, which stood out during the time e.g. things which have been in short supply.

Examples of what you could include:-

-A toilet roll / or some sheets of toilet paper

-Hand gel

-A bag of pasta or flour

-Newspaper stories from the time

-Art work your children have done e.g. Rainbow Pictures

-Handprint painting of everyone who has been in your house on lockdown

-One of your favourite foods from lockdown

-Photos taken of your family during lockdown e.g. garden activities, clapping on the doorstep, screenshots taken when talking to other family members online, photos from your daily exercise, no traffic on the roads

-A list of films you have watched, games you have played and books you have read

-A drawing of your favourite KeyWorker

Where to keep your Time Capsule Box?

The idea of a Time Capsule box is for it to be hidden and locked away like treasure to be found again in the future. Involve your children in deciding to where to hide the time capsule e.g. it could be buried in the garden if it is placed in something air tight/water tight or you could hide it in the loft.

Now its time to start on your family Time Capsule, I would love for you to share photos of your completed capsules.

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Written by G.Hampton 10.04.2020

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