Local Business Friends 

When you support a small business you are supporting a dream

I am a total advocate of buying local and supporting other small local businesses. At Gemeration’s Photography I work with a number of other local businesses and use their services or products within my role as a photographer.

Dolly and Belles 


The first business I would like to introduce to you to is Dolly and Belles. This is a local small business based in Blofield Norfolk. This is the Baker who provides all the giant cupcakes used in my Cake Smash and Splash Photoshoots. Kat has a 5 star food hygiene rating from Broadland District Council. 


To see more of Kat’s work head to:-






To contact Kat-07836506165 


Below are some of the many amazing cakes Kat from Dolly and Belles has made for my Cake Smash Photoshoots. She has also made cakes to cater for food allergies and food intolerances. 



Glitter Daydream 


The second business I would like to introduce to you is Glitter Daydream. This is a small local business based in …. The lady who runs this business is called Shannon and she is extremely creative. Her business Glitter Daydream, makes a range of personalised and decorated wooden gifts, including street signs which can feature your child’s name or even a business name. She is also currently branching out into personalised clothing as well. 


To see more of Shannon’s work head to 








Email admin@glitterdaydream.com

I have several door signs in the studio made by Glitterdream, the photographs of these are in the gallery below. 


Elizabeth’s Rose


The third business I would like to introduce you to is Elizabeth’s Rose.  This is another small local business, which is based in Caister-on-Sea Norfolk. The lady who runs this business is Emma. 


Emma has a versatile business offering a range of products from floral displays for weddings, funerals tributes and thank you gifts, to cakes, dresses, hair bows and decorations. Emma makes beautiful handmade custom outfits for children, including some spectacular dresses, which I have been involved in photographing in the studio. 


I did a Halloween Themed Photoshoot to catalogue all of Emma’s stunning creations. I also did a Princess Photoshoot to capture all of Emma’s latest beautiful creations. The photographs of Emma’s handmade dresses are below. 


Emma is also currently in the process of making me some of my own outfits to use within my Themed Photoshoots I offer in the studio.


To see more of Emma’s work head to: