Birthday Photoshoots at Generations Photography

Let me capture beautiful portraits of your baby and child at each precious birthday milestone

Your child's birthday is such a wonderful milestone to capture every year. I have so many clients visit the studio for a 1st Birthday Photoshoot, but then they come back with their child for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th Birthdays, so I offer a range of unique and fun Birthday Photoshoots to celebrate each birthday in a memorable way. 

I will capture stunning portraits of your child as they grow and change. There's nothing more special than your child, no matter how old they are and how big they get, which is why it’s so special to have regular photoshoots taken to capture all aspects of their magical childhood journey.

I have a warm and welcoming family friendly studio space, which has been designed to put babies, children and parents at ease. I offer full flexibility and can book your photoshoot at a time to best suit your family’s needs, to capture the perfect photos. Having a 12 year background in childcare has given me the skills to care for them safely and interact with them in an engaging, fun and playful way. My Photoshoots are relaxed and are child led, I am patient and respond to your baby and child's cues, the photoshoot is taken at their pace and plenty of time is allowed to get the perfect shots. 

I love to use beautiful props and colourful backdrops to compliment your baby and child, and in turn create unique stunning portraits to treasure forever. I would love to be involved in capturing those lifelong memories of your child.


I offer a variety of unique and fun Birthday Photoshoots to capture that special birthday milestones:

Birthday Bash Photoshoot

This is a great photoshoot to capture beautiful portraits of your child with unique birthday props and accessories. This photoshoot is the perfect for celebrating any birthday milestone for your child. 

Ice Cream Smash and Splash Photoshoot

The perfect photoshoot to capture your little one’s personality and its always entertaining to see how messy they get when I put a giant bowl of ice cream in front of them. Will they eat it, lick it, squeeze it in their hands or chuck it...sometimes they do it all! 

Fruit Smash and Splash Photoshoot

A wonderful way to celebrate a 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday for a child who love eating, smashing and exploring different fruits. 

Donut Smash and Splash Photoshoot

A sweet photoshoot to capture your little one’s personality and its always entertaining to see their reaction when so many doughnuts are put in front of them! Will they eat them, knock the tower over or chuck then across the room...sometimes they do all three!

Little Chef Photoshoot

Let your little one loose in the Generation's kitchen as the Chef. This is a great hands on messy photoshoot for your child to touch, taste and smell different ingredients and foods using their senses. It's great to see your child’s reactions to the different foods used in the photoshoot, and capturing this makes wonderful fun photos. 

Paint Splash Photoshoot 

Children love the chance to be creative and have fun-this photoshoot lets them do both! They get the chance to create their own unique artwork: including decorating two different sized canvas's which you can take home. 


My Birthday Photoshoots take place in my comfortable studio near Norwich and Great Yarmouth.


If you love what you see here and would like to book one of my Birthday Photoshoots please click the contact me button below.